Make the difference with
Tulips from Sam

Four reasons to selll tulips from Sam in your shop:

  1. Daily surprising range of tulips
  2. Sturdy and good quality
  3. Attractive product display
  4. Climate-neutral production

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Tulpen van Sam is a nursery growing and forcing bulbs in Slootdorp, where Sam and his team grow tulips across more than fifty hectares. Cultivation takes place in Wieringermeer and the Anna Paulowna polder – so it’s 100% Dutch! By opting for the climate-neutral tulips from Sam you are being a bit different. The cheerful packaging with images shows this, and represents his sustainable mission and ambition. Surprise yourself or someone else with a radiant bunch of tulips that make the difference. The Tulpen van Sam range consists of various shapes and all the colours of the rainbow, from white to bright red, yellow to spring green and everything in between. If a single colour is not enough for you, there are always the special bicoloured varieties. So you’re happy, and the planet is happy.


Sam’s greenhouse produces unusually sturdy tulips that together make up a full ‘pack’. During the tulip season he delivers a varied range of colours and shapes every day; from ordinary single to double-flowered, crispa and parrot: freshly picked! When it’s spring again I’ll send you… tulips from Amsterdam. No need – Sam’s tulips are sold by florists and trade specialists throughout Europe.


Sam uses climate-neutral production for his tulips. Sam has been actively engaged in measuring and reducing his carbon footprint since 2015. This makes very clear where the production process can be improved – from bulb to tulip, and from energy consumption to inbound raw materials. Sam has now organised his business in such a way that his carbon footprint is a small as possible. He offsets the final small amount of remaining CO2 by planting trees in the Amazon rainforest. That means that Sam’s tulips are entirely climate-neutral, and he truly is contributing to a greener world.


Sam has a love for the Amazon rainforest. It is home to more than one hundred million insect species, more than one hundred thousand plant species and almost two thousand species of birds and mammals. That’s a biodiversity that makes Sam’s heart beat a little faster. Despite the fact that the Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest on Earth, over 70% has now been deforested for intensive agriculture. So it’s no surprise that that’s where Sam wants to plant trees. He does this in conjunction with the Black Jaguar Foundation, which is restoring the world’s largest nature corridor.


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